Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Book

Well, I've discovered that maintaining a blog isn't as easy as I thought it would be. If I could find someone to raise my kids, run the household and take care of the dogs then I think I could keep up with it but I'm such a control freak that I'd be watching over their shoulder to make sure they did it right and I'd be no better off, except I'd miss all the fun of actually raising my kids, running the household and taking care of my dogs! Perhaps I need to treat blogging like I do writing books and get into a disciplined scheduled of early morning writing after I go for my morning bike ride.

We decided that it would be wonderful if we could start exercising regularly. In Arizona if you don't get up before the sun does than you're in trouble. Well, ok, that's going a little far, you don't have to beat the sun but you for sure have to get in as much as you can while the sun is waking up. We get on our bikes as the sun gets out of bed, stretches and scratches itself in private places. Rounding the corner we shift into a higher gear as the sun takes a morning whiz and gazes at the wall still half asleep. We ride along the canal while the sun looks in the mirror, frowning at the crows feet and bags it sees reflected back while it reaches for the toothbrush and toothpaste in the cup on the sink. While the sun is grabbing a cup of coffee and the morning paper we stop for a water break. Parking our bikes in the garage a few minutes later we're done with our exercise as the sun gets behind the wheel to start the drive to work.

It's a crazy thing to have to manage every morning but we know the alternative. The sun is very good at its job, especially in Arizona. Workers here don't have any type of ordinance that stipulates an hour to start work. While they built the homes behind ours years ago the first trucks arrived on the scene at 3:30 in the morning every day until those homes were built. They needed to get started early so they could have the majority of their work done before the sun got too hot.

So, starting tomorrow 10-3-10 I will get up at an.....wait a's 12:42 AM so technically it IS 10-3-10. Huh, that means that in less than 5 hours we'll be expected to ride our bikes. Hmmmm, maybe we can wait for the sun since it's Sunday. Or maybe Sunday should be our bike break day....yea, I'm thinking it's a break day or at least sleeping in will do since it's Sunday. Now if I can sell it to the kids.

BUT, I will be working on my second installment of my Joanie Adventure childrens book series. In this book Joanie will be taking her first airplane ride with her new puppies! Of course it won't go well so it will be a blast to read:) (I hope!) The first book was just republished in its second edition and is available at or follow the link provided under the title. It is also available at many fine book sites,, Barnes&, etc but, if I may say, if you have interest in the book I hope that you'll consider buying it directly from the publisher at Thanks!

The other time that I'm up and feel creative is late at night, hence the now 1:04 AM on the clock. I feel tired but inspired sometimes and there is no crazy feeling like "I've got to beat the sun!" Besides, if I was trying to beat the moon I'd have plenty of time. The moon is a bit of a, shhhhh, slacker. It's not that I think the moon isn't doing its job, I think its doing a great job but it's a calmer pace. The sun has to greet the world and wake us all up, nevermind all the stuff it grows and lights during the day. (I don't have time for that kind of list!) But the moon, well, the moon is basically just shutting off the lights, like flipping a switch in a kids room after you kiss them goodnight.

So, my goal is to attach writing in my blog to writing my book. I'll be in the zone anyway so it will be easy to come over here and give you a shout out:)

I do hope that your Sunday is full of more than just church and football. I hope you have a fun day planned with some good food, good friends and maybe even a nice roll in the hay. (I'd pick just one of those friends for that but I don't judge...)

Until next time.....