Saturday, June 12, 2010

Text in Pictures - It WILL happen!

Just a short note to my invisible followers.....I'm attempting to learn how to put text into my pictures so that my customers will have a better ordering experience.

Right now I have to list my designs individually and with all the designs I have, wowsa, that's going to take a long time! That's where text comes into the picture. I will be able to have "collections" which will be a page of similar designs separated by numbers so a customer can order by number instead of looking through pages of designs. Sounds great in concept, doesn't it?!

So, here's the thing.....I have a history of failing at all things computer so I really just wanted to make a public note of my intentions so incase I should end up dead, you will know what killed me. Of course, if no one is reading this then they won't know until the cops search my computer. Oh well, at least it will eventually clear my husband....

Off to the tutorials!

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