Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Putting Text on Pictures - I actually did it, amazing!

Well, will wonders never cease! I actually figured out how to get text on my pictures! Amazing! Let's see if I can teach you to do it too, then we'll all be amazing....

Ok, step one....hire a computer guy.....

1. ok, seriously, step one, go to Adobe Photoshop 5

2. Select which picture you want to work on from the drop down menu of whatever file you keep your pictures in. My pictures are in "my pictures" (I try to keep things simple around here....) to get to "my pictures" I have to go down to the bottom left corner of my computer and click on "start" which brings up a menu where I select (I should put pictures up on my blog showing you how to do that, but, of course, I don't know how. Not knowing how to do something has never stopped me before so that will be covered here eventually.....until then I'll try my best to do a good job with my descriptions. )

From "start" I click on "documents" and then find "my pictures" in that drop-down menu. From "my pictures" I select my picture and click on it to bring it up.

3. On the left side of the page is a rectangle that has all the tools in it. (little pencils and hands and stuff) Go to the picture that has the letter "T" in it and click on it. The "T" stands for "text". (isn't Adobe clever?)

4. Next, decide where you want the text on your picture and click on the spot. This will cause the "Type Tool" box to open. You will have your choice of font, choice of the size and also the color. There are other boxes there too but I don't know what they are for or what they do. I was able to get the job completed without them so don't touch them and you'll be fine.

5. Select your font by choosing from the "font" box. I'm going with "Arial Rounded MT" for no particular reason other than it was already there and I don't object to it.

6. "Size" is next. Contrary to what you've heard, it does matter and it matters a lot. For this I'm using 200. It seems like that would make it huge but it really doesn't. You'll have to play here most likely until you get the size that works for your project. I'm just numbering my necklaces so I'm not going to get too picky. 200 it is.

7. "Color" seems like it would be a no-brainer but I once sent an email to a very talented and beautiful actress to let her know that the white font on the white tank top on her home page made the text impossible to read. I hoped that she would take it as helpful advice but the fact that she responded "mind your own business you blankety-blank-blank was both surprising and offensive. I really never saw that coming. She seems so nice on tv. It bummed me out for most of that day until the batch of cupcakes were ready. "Cake is the answer" is actually one of my motto's and has been quite the life-saver for me many times. My drivers ed test for example....I never could parallel park but I knew that my instructor's favorite cupcake was chocolate on yellow cake so.....passed with flying colors. I don't consider it bribing, just good listening skills...but I digress. Where were we? Oh yeah, color. Select a color that stands out from your background.

8. After you've made your selections, go to the top of the right side of your "Type Tool" box and click on "ok." If you find that the placement of the text isn't quite what you'd hoped for you can go to the right side of the photoshop page and midway down the right side look for "layers." On "layers" you'll see two thin, wide boxes, one says "background" and the other will have your text. You should be able to click on the one with your text to move the text, but, well "should" really shouldn't be a word because I could never get the damn thing to move, so instead, I click on the box with my text on it and then I click on the little trashcan and get rid of it and start over! A box will pop up that says "Delete (and then your text) layers?" Click "yes." If you have a ton of text you may want to save it so you can just put it back in there without having to retype it. Either that or totally rethink how much you think you need to say.

To do that: Left click all the text you want until it's all highlighted. Release the click and on your keyboard hit "Ctrl" and the key "C" together. You've now copied it. Then, after you've gotten rid of the offensive type and gotten it into the trashcan you can left click where you want the new text to go and hit "Ctrl" and "V" and it will be put where you want it.

9. Once I've added my text I crop and size my picture. (do you know how to crop and size? If you don't, hang here and I'll tell you how, if you do then skip this and go right to 10, you over-achiever you!)

To crop: Look on the left side at the top of the selection. On the top row, on the left, you will see a square that has choppy lines around it, click on that. Left click and drag the arrow around the picture, cutting out all the stuff you don't want in the picture. Take note ladies, perfect for those evenings out when, after a few drinks you start taking group shots and forget your lady manners. The whole crotch shot will zap that smile right off your face, but no problem, you know how to crop!

After you've made your shape selection, go to "image" and click on "crop." Done!

To size: Click on "image" and "image size" and a box opens up with lots of numbers. The only one I concern myself with (again going with the "if I don't know, I don't need" philosophy) is the "width." I put my number in there and if you have "constrain proportions" clicked, then the height will change right along with it. When you're happy with the size, click "ok."

10. Flatten Image: This is so important to do! Go to "layer" on your tool bar at the top of the page. It's right next to "image" where you just were working. Click on it and go down to "flatten image." Click on that and you're good to go! Well, almost...

11. One last thing! You have to save it:) You'd hate to do all that work and lose it, wouldn't ya? Well, you won't if you save it. (unless you forget the file you saved it to which is really frustrating and will make you nuts, so save it to something that makes sense to you.)

To save: Go to "file" on the tool bar" a few left of where you were just working. (nice how they place all of these together, isn't it?) click on it.

Go to "save as" and click on it. The "save as" box will come up and this is where you have to decide where you want to save your picture and how you want to title it. After you have made your selections and typed it your title, click "save."

A box called JPEG will pop up, just click "ok" and NOW you are good to go! I hope that makes sense! If not....there's always the computer guy....

Now, if you've stumbled across this and it helped you, will you please let me know by leaving a comment? It truely would be awesome to know that I'm not alone out here. If you read it and don't leave me a comment, it's ok, but I wish you would:) Til next time.....

Sweet dreams!


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