Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two in One Day!

Well, I think it's safe to say that I'll be able to handle the blog thing, since I'm posting again and it's all in the same day. Not trying to be an overachiever or anything but just had to post that I got word that I was accepted to Adsense and had to register to get started! So, nothing to worry about because I simply won't register! All that worry for nothing:)

As a side-note, I watched this weeks The Middle on the DVR and have to say what a funny show that is. Modern Family is a given, so funny and Cougartown has its pluses, even though we think it's trying to hard, but I think The Middle is getting missed. This week they had on Betty White (she's on a crazy hot streak) and she was great but what makes it so good are the two older kids. The oldest son in particular is a riot, so dumb and walks around in his underwear all the time. My kids are 11 and 8 and do that and I watch that show and wonder if it's foreshadowing my future! Ah, it could be worse!

Oh, and on the whole "no harm, no foul"thing, I was hoping to learn where it came from and the best I could find is it originated from basketball terms using fouls to delay the games. Today we use it as a way to let someone know that what they've done created no problem for anyone. Example: "Sorry I rubbed my arm against your butt when you got up to get the remote." "Hey man, no harm no foul." Meaning, no sweat. Not earth shattering but I said I'd look it up so...wa-la!

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