Saturday, May 22, 2010

Men Who Stare at Goats

Tonight my brother is having my children over to spend the night at his place so my husband and I each caught up with work that we needed to get done. He's working on something for work and I'm working on writing something for a friend and continually trying to add more to my website. I should be working on bettering my's for sure on my list but I am at least keeping up! It's a start. I don't want you to think that I think the format is good enough. I'm up for another challenge.

Dean and I decided we'd take advantage of a gift from our cable provider, Cox, and watch a movie on them with the free movie password they sent us. There were several I wanted to see. I still haven't seen the movie that both earned Sandra Bullock an Oscar and that was being made while her husband started the affair that would end their marriage. And, I'm always open to watching It's Complicated again because it was such a fun move and Meryle Streep and Alec Baldwin were so good in it, but I decided to let my husband pick one, so he decided on Men Who Stare at Goats.

It was a, um, well, it just wasn't good. It falls into the "what were they thinking" catagory. The credits started running and we realized that it was over and we were both happy and sad. Happy, because we didn't have to watch anymore and sad, because we just wasted 88 minutes on a movie that stunk when we could have been doing something else, stuff that isn't as easy to do when the kids are home, stuff that we normally have to wait to do until they are asleep and out of hearing range. You know what I'm talking about.....watching full episodes of that old awesome series, The Soprano's on demand. You know, with the language and all that wacking, not quite a kids program. We could have watched two episodes! We don't get a lot of alone time around here folks so we have to choose wisely......

Review: On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest I would give it a 1. I almost gave it a 2 because it had a few silly moments that made us laugh out loud but I decided on the 1 because of continuatity issues that I find unforgiveable. With all the people that work on a movie how do you not notice that he closed the cooler lid a second ago and suddenly in the next frame it's open again! If you really want to see a movie packed with them, check out the great movie (and one of my all time favorites - I was crushing hard on Richard Dreyfuss when I was 12!) The Goodbye Girl. WOW, it's full of them! I'll list them for you in another post. It's a pet peeve of mine but always a fun discovery when I spot one.

Before I go back to work I'd like to share one of the necklaces I've posted in my store. (please click on my title, Men Who Stare at Goats) I hope you like it:) If you have any comments about it or my post, let me know:) It sure would be fun to know someone is out there.....

p.s. Hi Melanie:) Thanks for your support, girl!

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