Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

What a great Memorial Day we had! I worked on some necklaces before my family showed up at 10am and then it was cooking, swimming and laughing! So much fun! We just played all day and my kids were asleep before their heads hit the pillows!

I'm so thankful that my parents have moved to Mesa! I have an older brother and younger sister here and now my folks. They moved here last July 1st and since then we've been having a blast! I love being able to stop by after dropping the kids off at school and having breakfast or just for chatting. It's wonderful and I know I'm blessed.

But lets not forget what's really important about the day. My older brother is a high ranking officer in the Air Force. Today is the day that we celebrate him and all the people in the armed services. Were it not for these brave people we would not have been able to have the day we had today. I know that it's possible that he could be sent back to Iraq, and that scares me so badly, but I know it's what he wants to do, what he needs to do because he believes it's important. Obviously he knows something I don't, so I support him. Most importantly, I support them. I hope that this war ends very soon. I pray for it.

I have to share a nice little image for you to ponder before the night ends.

Imagine a day of cooking, cleaning and dishes (we'll keep all the great stuff of this day aside for just this image) and of that peaceful feeling that overcomes you after you tuck the kids in bed and they fall fast asleep. It's time for a cup of tea or a glass of milk with some cookies or a slice of pie. Time to sink into the over-stuffed cushions on the couch and slide into thoughts of the day's accomplishments and of tomorrow's possibilities. But before you get too comfy you need a snack. You reach for the fridge door to take out the last slice of Chocolate Satin pie that lies in wait for your evening snack. Thoughts of the rich taste of cool chocolate tempt your taste buds and the cold milk.....


Out tumbles the 9 x 11 plastic container of a full watermelon that you had spent the better part of a 1/2 hour cutting up before company arrived this morning. Instead of placing the container under the five-inch, round pineapple container, someone has decided to balance the larger, rectangle container on top of the quarter size handle on the glass lid, which caused it to topple out of the fridge and onto the floor, causing it to open and spill out, crushing the tempting thought of the sinful treat of chocolate and making your reality now "clean-up in aisle one!"

Maybe it's lifes funny little way of telling me I didn't need the pie! The thing is, I already know I didn't need the pie, but I'm an adult now and I get to make that decision all on my own! Geesch.

Anyway, may your Memorial Day be memorable and your tomorrow special and may your watermelon always be placed under the smaller, less stable container!

Best to you, Col

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